Housekeeping or Homemaking

There’s a difference between housekeeping and homemaking. There are women who do both, but most of us fall mostly into one category or the other. Housekeeping is making sure that everything is nice, neat, and tidy. It’s making sure that every bit of dirt and mess are quickly dealt with. Homemaking is completely different. Homemaking is about making sure that home is a pleasant place to be. It’s about being welcoming and accepting.

Again, they aren’t mutually exclusive. However, I’ve seen too many women choose housekeeping over homemaking. They choose cleaning over playing games. They choose dusting over snuggling on the couch.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a great housekeeper. It might even be generous to call me a good housekeeper. I often hear, though, from my husband, from our son, and from our son’s friends that our home is a good place to be. It’s open. It’s comfortable. It’s filled with love, laughter, and good counsel.

I’m working on the housekeeping part. I never want to lose sight, though, of the much more important homemaking part.


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