How Committed Are You?

I attended a workshop recently with a life coach. One of the most interesting bits of information I took away from that workshop was about commitment. This coach recognizes 5 levels of commitment:

1—No commitment. This is where we really don’t care at all.

2—Little commitment. We hope that one day it might happen.

3—Somewhat commitment. This is where we usually say, “I’m trying.”

4—Committed unless. This is where we’re committed unless something makes it difficult or something better comes along.

5—Committed no matter what. This is that level where when we encounter an obstacle we do whatever we can to overcome it.

I’ve been thinking about commitment. I believe most of us spend our time somewhere between 3 and 4. I think this is why only 80-85% attendance is normal even when people have registered for an event. This is why, at our direct sales parties, hosts who expect 15 people often wind up with 10-12. It’s also why so many people who start a direct-sales business wind up quitting within the first year or so.

Direct sales is a business that requires a lot of commitment. I have to keep track of my own schedule. There’s no one around to make sure I’m making my contacts, following up with my customers, or doing any of the other dozen or so things that make a direct sales business successful. If I’m not really committed, it won’t get done. Something else always comes along that’s more interesting or more enjoyable than what I’m supposed to do. I’m sure most of us feel like we’re doing what we should, that we’re committed. The reality is probably far less than we think.

Right now I’m working on making sure I’m operating my business at least at a 4.5. How committed are you?

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