Having Fun

My husband, affectionately known far and wide a The Furry Guy, and I have been married for almost a quarter of a century. At the end of March we’ll celebrate our silver anniversary. There have been some tough years. We’ve been through those rough patches where we struggled to stay together. That’s true of any marriage.

It’s funny. We’re in our mid-forties. We have friends our same age who have grandchildren. We have friends our same age who have preschoolers. The Furry Guy and I are empty-nesters. At every stage there are things to deal with, things that can really drain a relationship of fun.

I think there are two keys to keeping a marriage healthy. The first is to follow Biblical principals for your marriage. Men are told to love their wives sacrificially; women are told to respect their husbands. If you love your wife you’ll be faithful, you’ll do whatever is necessary to make her know that she’s valued. If you respect your husband you’ll do whatever you can to let him know how amazing he is. Communication is at the heart of that, too.

The second key is fun. I see far too many couples who quickly let the fun drain out of their marriage. They do all of the daily things necessary to keep the household running, but they don’t laugh together. They don’t play together. They don’t enjoy one another.

If the fun is gone from your marriage, it’s not too late to recapture it. Watch some funny movies together. Remember the things you did when you were dating? Do them again. Have some fun. It’s good for you, and it’s good for your marriage.


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