Yeah, I Know That

“I just hope they have something new to tell me.”

“But it didn’t have anything new.”

“Waste of time—it’s just the same old thing.”

I’ve heard some form of this over and over. Most recently it was in regard to upcoming training opportunities with my direct sales business. However, I’ve heard it in regard to church services and retreats, computer classes, professional workshops, and just about any other situation I’ve entered in which the participants supposedly want to grow.

The problem is that the basics, the things that work time after time, are the same. There are sometimes new ways to apply those principles, but the principles will be the same. Those who enter these situations expecting some new, magic answer are going to be disappointed.

I think there’s a bigger problem, though. Just because you’ve heard it before doesn’t mean you’re applying it. We all know that eating well and exercising regularly is the best way to remain healthy and fit. Nothing new there. Still, how many of us actually do that?

It doesn’t have to be new to work. It just needs to be done. Then again, you probably know that.


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