I like to attend parties for other direct sales companies. It allows me to see what others do, both good and bad. I can then use that information to tweak my own shows.

One thing that I’ve noticed is that many consultants don’t give guests a full range of contact information. Consultants my age are especially bad about this. They’ll include a home phone number and address. That’s okay, but it’s not really practical in this day and age.

You’ll lose customers if they can’t contact you in the way that’s most convenient for them.

It’s almost imperative today to have email. You want to make sure that wherever you put your contact information you include your email address. Include your website as well. Many customers communicate almost exclusively online. You want to make it easy for them.

Home phone is fine, but it’s not ideal. If you have a cell phone with text capability, make sure that’s the number you use and let them know they can text you. If you don’t text, consider starting. For many people in their 20s texting is the only way to go. Including “Call or Text” along with your phone number lets your customers know that you’re open to either.

I know that labels and stamps have limited lines available. If anything must go, make it your address. In direct sales it’s unusual for our customers to need our home address. You can always make that available to them if they need it.

Now that you know what information to provide, make sure it’s on everything. Everything. All of it. I came home the other day from a direct sales party with the consultant’s name and address on her catalog. There was no contact information on my receipt. (Like me, she probably has it on the final, official receipt. That didn’t come home with me, though.) If I have a question, what do you think the chances are that I’ll write her a note? If I had her phone number, I might call. Still, people are often reluctant to call because they don’t know what time is a good time. I wouldn’t want to bother her. Chances are good that if I had her email she’d hear from me again. As a matter of fact, I might even email her to let her know how much fun I had.

This isn’t at all about what you like. It’s not about what makes you most comfortable. It’s about your customers. You need to cater to their preferences. You want to make yourself as accessible as possible.


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