Back Among the Conscious

I was fine on Saturday. Well, I was a little tired, but I’d been up late Friday night, so falling asleep a little early wasn’t a big deal. I got everything done that I needed to do, so I didn’t suspect a thing.

Sunday morning I was cold. Of course, I live in north central Indiana and it was a cold, damp day. We keep our house pretty cool, so I didn’t think anything about it. At church I didn’t get hot. That’s unusual for me. Usually I’m fanning myself halfway through the worship time. Then again, it seemed a little more subdued than normal. I wasn’t moving around quite as much as usual, so it made sense. I started to feel a little off as we got to the end of our time with the kids. (I’m part of the children’s ministry.) As we drove home I thought I might have a little fever. Sure enough—102º. Other than 45 minutes spent submitting some paperwork that was nearing its deadline, I wasn’t awake for more than 30 minutes at a time the rest of that day.

At 2:30 a.m. Monday I woke with the glands below my ears so swollen they were throbbing. It hurt to swallow. It hurt to turn my head. My tongue felt rough and swollen. I gargled some salt water, took some aspirin, and went back to sleep. When I woke later the swelling was better and my fever had broken. However, a trip to the kitchen and back left me exhausted. Since that was just a trip between connecting rooms, I saw that as a bad sign. The Furry Guy called the woman I was supposed to meet that morning for coffee to let her know I wouldn’t be keeping our appointment. Talking took too much effort and hurt too much. As the day wore on I felt better, but I continued to sleep most of the day. Sugar-free popsicles and noodle soup were my friends.

Tuesday I woke in time to cancel my 9 a.m. hair appointment. My throat felt much better. Talking didn’t hurt as bad. Still, I let all calls go to voice mail. Later I cancelled my massage. Sugar-free popsicles were working well, but toast made the trip through my system far too quickly. ‘Nuf said. Jell-o became my new friend.

Wednesday I felt much, much better. A mild sore throat still lingered, and I had little energy. Still, I was clearly on the mend. I even ventured out of the house for a quick trip to the bank.

I’m easing back into my routine today. I’m taking things slowly. I rescheduled my hair and massage appointments for today, so it should be a relaxing, easy day. I don’t know what kind of bug it was that hit me, but it hit me hard. When I’m not well enough to sit at my computer, I’m not well at all. I’m just glad to be back among the conscious.


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