It’s Not Fair

Rules are rules. As long as the rules are applied equally, they’re fair. You might not like the rules. You can always work to change the rules. But, they are what they are. The direct sales company I work with has lots of rules.

They have rules against telling people in any online forum which company I’m with. I can give all kinds of hints (high-end kitchen tools; rhymes with hampered Jeff), but I can’t use the company name. They don’t want people to accidentally find me just by putting the company name in a search engine. Yes, people break the rules. When they’re caught there are consequences. Yes, there are people who have found ways to finagle around the rules. That’s on their heads.

They have rules about staying active. If you go for 2 months without at least $150 in sales, you lose your career sales. After six months you lose your consultancy. This is actually a fairly new rule. We used to be able to apply for a waiver. Now we can’t. That’s the rule.

I’ve encountered situations in my life in which the rules were not equally applied. That’s not fair. However, that’s life. I’ve heard that there’s only one kind of fair in this life. It comes to your county once a year, so get your ticket then.

This life isn’t fair. The best thing to do is get busy. You can get busy working within the rules. You can get busy changing the rules. But, sitting around complaining that life isn’t fair won’t get you anywhere.


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