I can’t tell you how often I receive calls, emails, texts, notes or messages from people who need a listening ear. Most of the time these people aren’t looking for advice. They just want a listening ear from someone they can trust.

I heard recently that the average person keeps a secret for less than 48 hours. That’s sad.

I’m known as a talker. Since you’re reading my rambling blog I imagine the fact that I’m a talker comes as no surprise. However, I’m also known as someone who can keep a secret. Frankly, I’m shocked at the number of people who tell me other people’s secrets. They often begin with, “I’m sure you already know . . .” Well, no I didn’t.

I also don’t engage in gossip. If someone’s telling me something about someone else I usually stop them. There are exceptions, but those are more along the line of prayer requests/concerns. Even then, nothing goes further than me unless I have permission.

I’ll tell you why I keep secrets. When I was in high school a friend’s secret got out. It hurt our friendship, because she thought I’d blabbed. Turned out her sister’s boyfriend told a few buddies, and they told a few, and they told a few . . . It doesn’t matter whether you’ve told one person or twenty. Breaking a confidence is breaking a confidence.

So, your secret’s safe with me.


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