A Quarter of a Century

As of today I’ve been married to The Furry Guy for 25 years—a quarter of a century. As a recent Hagar the Horrible cartoon said, we’ve been through thick and thin together; thin was a long time ago.

We’ve had our rough times. We’ve struggled through places in our marriage where we did more arguing than laughing, where there was more silence than conversation. When we married, I told The Furry Guy that I would never go through another divorce. We refused to give up on our marriage. It wasn’t always easy, but it’s definitely been worth it.

I won’t say that we never disagree. We’re two different people with different likes, opinions, and points of view. However, we honestly rarely argue. There’s a difference, you know. There are issues on which we will continue to have to agree to disagree. As I tell him, he’s entitled to be wrong. LOL! The ability to hold different opinions and yet still get along is a sign of maturity. It’s also essential to marriage.

What has made our marriage so strong after 25 years is that we love and respect one another. We choose to overlook one another’s little annoying habits. When he says something that seems incredibly stupid to me, I resist the urge to tell him that. He affords me the same courtesy. We listen to one another’s stories, even if we’ve heard them before. And, trust me, after 25 years we’ve heard most of them. James Hollis said “A committed relationship is the opportunity to annoy someone else over a long period of time.” I think this should be part of every premarital counseling course.

We have allowed one another the chance to grow and change throughout the years. I’m very different than the 22-year-old girl that The Furry Guy married. I’m more confident. I’m more opinionated. I’ve changed in a million ways—big and little—and so has he.

We took a little getaway over the weekend to celebrate. It was a lot of fun. Lord willing, I look forward to another 25 years of marriage with The Furry Guy.


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