Imaginary Enemy

As I write this there’s a female cardinal pecking at our sliding glass door. She’s been doing that all day. You see, our windows are specially made, and they reflect like mirrors. The poor, confused thing thinks there’s another female in her territory trying to take her chosen mate. We’ve tried all kinds of things to discourage her. She’ll leave for a few minutes then return to peck at or fly at the image in the window. This has been going on for days. She’s obsessed.

That bird has me thinking about the way we become distracted and consumed by things that don’t matter. That bird the cardinal sees can’t hurt her, can’t take her mate, is no threat at all. It doesn’t matter. Yet, she’s spending literally hours of every day taking it on.

Are you fighting battles that are no longer relevant? Are you spending precious time in activities that make no difference? Are you engaged with an imaginary enemy?


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