Honest Evaluation

How well do you know yourself? How clear are you about your shortcomings? Are you working toward your strengths or spending a lot of your time trying to overcome your own weaknesses?

Direct sales is one of those businesses in which you can waste a lot of time. By knowing what you do well and using those strengths to develop your own niche, you can create a strong brand for yourself. By knowing your weaknesses and spending a little time on a regular basis figuring out how to overcome or compensate for those weaknesses, you can make your business stronger and yourself more efficient.

For instance, I have a fellow consultant who is great at talking with people about her business. On the other hand, follow-through is not her strong suit. She’ll have a great idea and begin the implementation, but she doesn’t usually continue with it until it becomes a habit or a way of business for her. Because she knows this about herself she has set up some accountability. She has someone she checks in with on a regular basis. She shares her plans with this person. In turn, this person asks her if she’s doing what she said she’d do.

It’s easy to spend so much time focused on overcoming your weaknesses that you lose track of your strengths. That’s a bad idea. However, ignoring your weaknesses doesn’t work, either. Take honest stock of your own personality and work habits. Work mostly in the things you do well, but make a consistent effort to lessen the effects of your weak points. Your business will grow and prosper as a result. And, you’re likely to move toward becoming the person you’d like to be.


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