Different Is Good

One of the things I love about the direct sales business I’m involved with is the openness of the consultants. Nearly everyone I’ve met within the company is willing to share their best ideas. They share flyers, forms, and other paperwork they’ve created. They share tricks and tips that have helped them. It’s wonderful.

It seems counterintuitive to most people. After all, if I share my best ideas those people, the competition, will then be able to do things in the same way. But, there are good reasons this works.

First, if I share my best ideas with you, you’re more likely to share your best ideas with me. This way I learn lots more than I could figure out on my own.

Second, it builds a sense of camaraderie, which helps my attitude, which in turn helps my business.

But the final point is the real key. Most people won’t follow through. A good number of people will use that flyer you share, but very few will take the time to implement new ideas. Why? People don’t like change.

A good idea only works if it’s implemented. When you hear a good idea, write it down. Write out the steps necessary to implement the idea. Take those steps. Set reminders for yourself. After all, it’s easy to forget to do something that’s unfamiliar.

Don’t be like most people. Be different. Different is good.


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