How Good Is Your Word?

It’s not only true of the direct sales business; it’s true about any business. Integrity is essential. The cornerstone of integrity is keeping your word. So, how good is your word? If you tell someone you’ll call at 10:00 on Tuesday can they expect to hear from you then? Or, are they more likely to get a call on Thursday with an excuse and an apology?

Don’t get me wrong—life happens. As a matter of fact, this morning I had to send an apology. I received an email yesterday morning asking me to look over a resume. I emailed back that I’d look it over that afternoon with my suggestions. Then my day took off in a different direction than I anticipated. However, that’s not the norm for me.

Think about the companies you like to do business with. Chances are good that they stand by their products and keep their word.

I know people who are routinely late, who routinely miss appointment, who routinely neglect to return calls. Some of these people are people I love. I just know that they aren’t particularly dependable in certain areas.

I honestly believe that in business it is vital that, as much as is humanly possible, you keep your word. That means returning emails and calls in a timely manner. That means following through with whatever you say. Make sure that you’re known as a person of your word.


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