Skinny Jeans

Everywhere I look the experts are touting skinny jeans. Everyone needs a pair of skinny jeans. Well, maybe not everybody. Skinny jeans would be a horrible choice for me. My chunky thighs and thick calves would not look good encased in skin-tight denim.

The experts are always telling us what everyone needs or what no one should be wearing. These are things I’ve heard from the experts in the past few days. Bangs are out. Pale lips are in. Pasty white skin (their words) is out. False eyelashes are in.

Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with the advice the experts are giving, provided it suits you. I look better with some bangs. Pale lipstick makes me look colorless because I have very light skin. (They’d probably consider me pasty white, but I refuse to believe that.) I don’t have an issue with false eyelashes for a special event, but I can’t see wearing them when I’m headed to the local grocery store.

I always get a kick out of the magazine articles that promise the perfect bathing suit (or shirt, or dress, or whatever) for every body type. They make me laugh because they really do think they have something for everyone. They have stuff for short women. They have stuff for short-waisted women. They have stuff for women who have curves. What they don’t have is something for me—a short, short-waisted, curvy woman.

Every day I see women who are victims of the fashion experts. They have taken the general advice of someone they’ve never met, and it’s been bad advice for them. It’s important to make sure that the fashion advice you’re taking is right for you. After all, we don’t all look great in skinny jeans.


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