Jehovah Jireh—The God Who Sees Ahead

It was an interesting Sunday. After church a young woman, Abby, discovered that her van wouldn’t start. The battery seemed dead. We had driven my van, so The Furry Guy used the battery charger I keep in the back to get her started. We headed out to the nearest “big town” to take advantage of a sale at a home improvement store.

As we left the church I noticed an odd, occasional clunking sound. About the third time it happened The Furry Guy heard it, too. It seemed to be coming from my (the driver’s) side. We stopped. He looked underneath to see if there was anything hanging. It looked fine. We started back on the road, and it seemed to get worse. The Furry Guy said that maybe it was the exhaust system. We pulled into the nearby little town of Mexico so he could check it out. Sure enough, a bracket was loose. We decided to drive to a friend’s home nearby to get a socket wrench in order to tighten it up.

No go. The bolt was stripped. Not a problem. Our friend had some wire. After just a few more minutes we were underway. We would need a new bracket, but it would get us to that “big town” and back. While we were there we’d pick up that new bracket. That’s when the noise started in again.

The engine seemed fine. The steering was fine. It was windy, but that shouldn’t be an issue. Soon we saw a spot where we could pull over and The Furry Guy could look under the hood. Nothing. The belt seemed fine. He jumped on the bumper a little to make sure it wasn’t the suspension. There was no squirrel stuck to anything. Everything looked fine. He closed the hood and we headed back out onto the road.

The clunking was gone. After several miles we knew for sure that it was gone. What had happened? Had the jumping dislodged whatever it was? Had it finally simply dropped of? Who knew? That’s when The Furry Guy said that maybe the hood wasn’t latched quite properly. The heavy winds could have made it clunk a bit. I remembered then that I hadn’t heard the familiar sound of the latch disengaging when I’d popped the hood for him. That had to be it.

Of course, that led to the inevitable discussion about how long that hood must have not been fully latched. It’s my van, and I hadn’t popped the hood in weeks. Oh, well, it wasn’t a big deal. We ran our errands, including picking up that new bracket.

We were on our way home when I looked at The Furry Guy and said, “Did you pop the hood in order to give Abby’s van a jump before you remembered that I carry the charger?”

He looked at me, his eyes widened, and he said, “That’s exactly what I did.” We laughed about it and I jokingly told him that all that concern was his fault.

Or was it? If we hadn’t had to stop to find out about the clunking, we wouldn’t have known about the loose bracket. That could have given way at any time, allowing the exhaust pipe to drop when I was driving alone in the middle of nowhere. Instead, because The Furry Guy helped Abby and forgot to latch that hood back securely, the problem was fixed before it became a problem.

Our pastor speaks often about Jehovah Jireh. That’s one of the Biblical names for God. It means the God Who Sees Ahead. You might believe that all of this was just a coincidence. I believe God used Abby’s van to make us aware of a problem with ours. By the way, the problem with Abby’s van? A corroded battery terminal. The Furry Guy told Abby’s husband how to take care of that and make sure it doesn’t happen again. To echo what we sang that morning in the worship service, our God is an awesome God.


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