That Does NOT Taste Good

The Furry Guy and I have had to change the liquid vitamins we take. The brand we were taking before is no longer easily available in our area. We looked into two other brands and bought a bottle of each. We recently tried the first of those two for the first time. For the record, I’ve never cared for the taste of the liquid vitamins we’ve taken. The Furry Guy has. With the old vitamins I would make sure I had a glass of juice to chase the vitamins with so I wouldn’t really taste them. As we tried the new ones The Furry Guy took the first dose. This is the actual conversation that took place in our kitchen.

Me: How does it taste? Because, it smells nasty.

Him: It tastes fine. It kind of tastes like wine.

Me [smelling the bottle again]: Really? Because it seriously smells nasty.

Him: Yeah. It tastes like wine.

I take the dose. Disgusting!

Me [making a face and doing a full-body shiver]: Ugh! That’s horrible. Why did you tell me it tastes like wine? I like wine. That tastes nothing like wine.

Him: Yes it does. It tastes like really young wine; like wine that isn’t quite ready.

Me: You mean like grape juice gone bad?

Him [beginning to chuckle]: Yeah, kind of.

Who’s right? We both are. I’m sure he’s sincere when he says it tastes like a cheap, slightly acidic wine. I know I’m sincere when I say it just plain tastes nasty. Foods taste different to different people because our body chemistry differs.

A friend recently shared an article about cilantro. People either love or hate cilantro. Seems they did a study and discovered that people descending from a particular area of northern Europe are more sensitive to the undertones in cilantro. To them it tastes soapy.

One of the really interesting things to come from the study is that they’ve discovered that, over time, people can overcome their initial dislike for a particular taste. So, if you’re willing to give something another chance, like by trying a salsa with less cilantro, you might eventually develop a taste (or at least a tolerance) for it.

As we took our vitamins again this morning the issue of the taste of the vitamins came up again. We talked about the fact that I’m much more sensitive to bad smells than he is. We live in the country, and occasionally a rodent will take up residence. We have enough poison stored in the walls that they usually don’t last long. I can smell that dead rodent two to three days before he can. On the other hand, he can smell the more delicate floral scents that I can’t smell at all. We figure my bad-smell sensitivity and my bad-taste sensitivity are related.

The good thing is that I’m willing to give most tastes more than one chance. I enjoy trying new things. I can’t see myself developing a taste for that new liquid vitamin, though. That does not taste good.


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