Give Them Something Different

At a recent networking group meeting we were focusing on one member’s business. Her business is health related, so we suggested some places she might go and offer to do nutrition or general health classes. It’s an area of knowledge she has, while not specifically tied to her business. By sharing her knowledge and becoming a trusted source, she has opened the door for those people to come to her about her business.

One of the struggles she has is with the phone. As we were talking about how to overcome her issues I mentioned a few resources I’ve used. I shared things that have worked for me. At one point another member asked if I’d be willing to talk to her team about the phone. Of course I said I’d be glad to. First of all, I enjoy sharing knowledge. Secondly, there’s a possibility that those new connections with her team might lead to business connections for me.

Offering to share a separate (or only somewhat related) area of knowledge or expertise can open doors into whole new groups of people. So, don’t just focus on what you offer through your business. Offer something different. It will give you a credibility that can boost your business.


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