The Difficulty of Letting Go

It’s hard to come to terms with the fact that your child is now an adult. It happens so gradually that you wake up one morning and realize that the grungy kid who could never remember to dry his hands is now a man capable of managing his own household. It can be really difficult not to offer unsolicited advice about how he should be doing things.

As difficult as that is, it’s also difficult when your team members become leaders in their own right. If you’ve been used to being the one training and supporting new team members, it can be really difficult to back off and allow your team member to assume that role. But, if your team is going to grow and prosper it’s essential that you learn how to do just that.

As your team members (your first line) begin to recruit (your downline), ask each one how comfortable they are with helping their new team members achieve their goals. Chances are good that for the first few they’ll welcome your guiding hand. After that, though, they’ll probably want to develop their own leadership style. Once that happens it’s important that you take a step back.

An occasional word of encouragement from you will be welcomed by your downline. And, things like that won’t interfere with whatever your first line has in place. Far too many upline leaders never learn how to do this. They cause ill feelings in the “family” by trying to be too involved with their downline.

Just like being a good parent means that you allow your children to raise your grandchildren as they see fit, being a good upline leader means allowing your first line to shine. I know it’s difficult to let go, but it’s important. It’s important to your team members, and it’s important for your business. After all, that is time you could be giving to your own customers and/or team members.


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