Staying Here

I recently heard someone talking about his experience in Major League Baseball. After his first game a veteran player pulled him aside and said, “It’s harder to stay here than to get here.” That’s so very true of many things in life, especially the direct sales business.

Many of us strive for that next level, the next title. Once we’ve achieved that level we feel like we’ve made it. We can settle back and rest a bit. We breathe a sigh of relief because now our income isn’t just dependent on our own sales but on our team’s sales, too. That’s a really dangerous attitude to have.

First, if you’re not working your own business you’re not providing a good example to your team. They need to see you working hard in order to understand that hard work is important.

Second, it’s hard to coach and encourage people if you aren’t there in the trenches with them. When you’re working your business you’re going to encounter a lot of the same issues—tight economy, lean seasons, sudden bouts of postponed/cancelled shows. You’ll be able to anticipate their concerns and questions better if you’re in there with them.

Finally, you’re in great danger of losing that new title. In most direct sales businesses the people on your team who promote to your own level break off into their own group. These are your most successful team members, and you lose them and their whole team. That means none of their sales will count toward your team achievements. If you haven’t been working your own business so that this particular downline team isn’t simply a small part of your own team, you could be in big trouble.

Once you’ve achieved that coveted title you need to work at least as hard as you were working before, maybe even harder. After all, it’s true that it’s harder to stay here than it is to get here.


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