Avoid the Pale Food Polka

I attended a wonderful play recently. The cast sang a really cute song—The Pale Food Polka. The play I attended was set in the mid-60s, and the cast was singing the praises of those pale foods. I’ve sat through those meals; I’ve been to those carry-ins. However, it’s really important to avoid that Pale Food Polka when you’re dining.

You know what I’m talking about—a plate full of food with little or no visible color. Vegetables cooked until there’s no longer any remaining color, flavor, or nutrition. Anything that might have a bit of color is covered with a butter or cream sauce. Even fruits are covered up by biscuit dough or a layer of vanilla cake.

Your plate should be filled with brilliant colors. There’s nothing wrong with white foods, as long as they’re surrounded with lots of color. Your vegetables should be gently cooked so that they retain their vibrant colors and full nutrition. Better yet, have as many of them as possible in their natural, raw state.

Throughout the course of any given day you should eat a whole rainbow of delicious foods. This is the best way to maintain good health and great energy. I’m known as someone who does a lot. The only way I’m able to get my to do list done is to eat well.

Now, excuse me while I go get a bowl of yummy blueberries.


2 Responses to Avoid the Pale Food Polka

  1. Kacey says:

    Did you add some fresh, REAL homemade whipped cream? I know it’s white, but if you throw a little red food coloring in there, you MAY be onto something. 🙂 LOL…

    • mommabates says:

      Homemade whipped cream is always welcome. Later in the day I had some warm berries with freshly whipped cinnamon cream.

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