Oh, What a Night

I love the way that music can immediately transport me to another time and place. I was driving yesterday. The station I’d been listening to faded out, so I hit the search button on my stereo. When Oh, What a Night started playing I was immediately back at Jones Junior High School. I could actually smell the school. I smiled at the memory of the boy I had such a huge crush on in seventh grade. He really liked that song.

I usually listen to either talk programs of some kind (often Christian teaching programs) or Christian worship music when I’m driving. But, since I drive a lot (and often long distances), I frequently leave my general broadcast area. When that happens I search. When I’m searching I encounter memories. For instance, when I hear the song Feelings I’m suddenly back in ninth grade in the Ensemble Swing Choir. The boys are singing “ceilings,” and we girls are irritated, but giggling. That’s where I learned that you have to be careful what you practice, because whatever you do in practice is what you will naturally do during the performance. The first time half of the guys sang “ceilings” during a performance they stopped singing it during practice.

Worship music does much the same thing to me. It takes me to a place of peace. The praise and worship time during our church’s worship service often moves me to tears. Don’t worry, they’re tears of joy and emotional overwhelm.

The Furry Guy enjoys music but in a very different way. He rarely listens to the lyrics. Music stirs him, but it doesn’t reach down and touch his soul in the same way it does me.

So, if you’re ever driving along and see a woman with flippy red hair driving a van and really getting into what she’s singing, it’s probably me. Don’t worry. I’m paying attention to my driving, too.


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