I Know Me

I had a consultation with a skincare expert recently. She probably found me very frustrating. You see, I know me. I’m very open to new things, new ideas, and new ways of doing things. However, I know that I’m bad about not doing a nightly cleaning ritual. That is, until I found cleansing wipes. With cleansing wipes I don’t have to go through a lot. I just grab one and wipe.

So, when the expert was suggesting a couple of cleansers she carries, I told her that I know they work well. (We used them in the course of the consultation.) However, I know me. I’d be really inconsistent with them. The thought of having to turn on the water, let it get warm, get out a washcloth, cleanse, rinse, and dry is just too much at the end of the day. Two or three days a week I’d just not bother. Thankfully she had something that would work for me—a disposable cleansing cloth with which I just have to wet and wipe.

Do you know yourself? Do you know what habits are just so ingrained that they aren’t likely to be overcome? If you’re a morning person (like me), trying to change into a night person is likely to meet with failure. If you know yourself, know your own rhythms, know your own proclivities, you’ll be able to work around them.

I make changes all the time, but I know what I’m likely to be able to change and what’s here to stay.


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