Rich in People

I ran across that phrase, “rich in people,” in a book I just finished. I’ve read the book several times, so I’m not sure why that phrase stuck out to me this time. What I do know is that I am truly rich in people.

I have a husband who loves me. He lets me know in a thousand different ways (though, rarely with flowery words) that he loves and appreciates me. Even after 25 years I have more fun with him than with anyone else. We laugh together a lot.

I have a son of whom I am immensely proud. We are very close, and I am honored that he sometimes still comes to me for counsel and advice. He’s also one of the funniest people I know.

I have the most amazing friends. There are men and women in my life to whom I can turn at any hour of the day or night for support, prayer, a shoulder to cry on, or a partner to celebrate with.

I have a church family who cares and prays for one another in a way that I’ve never witnessed in any other church (though, I’m sure they are out there). These people really are like one big, loving, amazing, extended family.

My life is full of wonderful, quirky, strong, caring people. I truly am rich in people.


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