Excuse Me While I Whine

I’m having a crabby day. I know that most people think of me as eternally cheerful. However, I’m just like everyone else. I have good days and crabby days. And, today is definitely a crabby day.

So, of course, this is the day that the people around me choose to do incredibly annoying things. A customer delayed taking care of a problem with her order until after the deadline for May orders. People ahead of me at the drive-thru took forever. People at the grocery couldn’t make up their minds, so I stood wearing my cheerful face while they blocked my access to the one thing I needed in that aisle. People in front of me at the checkout decided to divide their orders into two or three separate orders, which takes a lot more time.

The one that really got me today was the bagger at the grocery store. Now, years ago when I was the only person in the store using her own bags, I could understand baggers beingflummoxed by trying to pack them. But, now lots of people use their own bags. The stores sell and encourage the use of them. So, tell me why today’s bagger placed several of my items in plastic bags before placing them in my reusable bags. And, no, they weren’t messy things. They were just random food items.

I know things like this happen on days when I’m not crabby. I realize that I simply notice them (and get more annoyed by them) when I’m in a grumpy mood. I also know that a healthy meal and a good night’s sleep will do a world of good for my crabby mood. For right now, though, I think I’ll just sulk a little more. Thank you for understanding.


2 Responses to Excuse Me While I Whine

  1. Noora K says:

    (Hugs) You sound like you need one 🙂

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