Beautiful Women

The Furry Guy brought home some magazines the other day. They were in a box of stuff that he got at an auction. The magazines were from the early to mid 50s. It was fun leafing through and seeing the copious cigarette ads, the full-fat, full-sugar foods, and the styles. One of the most fun articles I read was by a style consultant. He was evidently a well-known hair and makeup consultant, though his wasn’t a name I’m familiar with. He shared the things you can never (but really should) tell a woman.

This particular magazine was from 1953, so a bit of the advice was dated. I chuckled at his disgust for women who went out in public without a girdle on [gasp!]. A lot of what he had to say, though, still rang true.

Makeup should flatter and draw attention to your best features. We women spend so much time focused on our flaws that we neglect to accentuate our positives. This can lead to an over-use of some products, bringing attention to the very things we’re hoping to hide.

The latest fashions are wonderful, as long as they actually look good on you. One of his complaints was that women were wearing what the experts were touting, but they weren’t wearing clothes that looked good on them. Unfortunately, as styles have changed and become more diverse, the problem has gotten worse.

Women should age gracefully. If you are 45 you shouldn’t be dressing from your 15-year-old’s closet. I’m not saying that once you reach a certain age you should turn into frump-woman. I’m just saying that some things that suit young women aren’t appropriate for more mature women.

A pleasing and gracious personality is the best accessory. The author talked about meeting Audrey Hepburn. As someone who does such for a living, he immediately analyzed her facial structure, hair, and figure. He assured us that she had at least as many physical issues to overcome as the average woman. However, as she approached him she looked him in the eye, smiled, and greeted him pleasantly. He lamented the fact that too many women walk around looking at the world with haughty disdain or completely blank expressions. A woman who smiles and appears warm and open is beautiful, no matter what she’s wearing or how she’s done her hair.

The author’s wife, whose style he quickly praised, was blessed to have a style expert living right there in her own home. Most of us don’t have that advantage. However, every one of us can look people in the eye and smile warmly. Choose to be beautiful today.


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