I’ll Believe You

I tend to believe people. I expect them to tell the truth. This means that if I ask you if I should bring something to a get-together and you tell me no, I won’t bring anything. If you tell me to bring a dessert, even though I know you’re making a big, elaborate, expensive meal, I’ll bring a dessert. And, knowing about the big, elaborate meal, it will probably be something simple unless you’ve made a specific suggestion. It means that if you ask me to let you know if I think of something you might have forgotten, I’m going to tell you.

I really don’t understand asking for something that you don’t want—advice, suggestions, etc. I don’t understand saying that you don’t want help when what you really want is for me to argue with you until you finally give in and let me help. I wouldn’t have offered if I didn’t mean it.

There isn’t anything that’s happened recently that’s brought this topic to mind. I’ve just noticed over time that people can sometimes respond poorly when I believe them. I don’t understand those kinds of games.

Accept my advice if you’ve asked for it. (Though, you don’t have to take it. That’s a whole other issue.) Accept my help the first time I offer it. If you change your mind don’t hesitate to ask me to lend a hand. Just don’t tell me something that isn’t really true. Because, if you tell me those things, I’ll believe you.


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