With Passion

With Passion

I’m a passionate person. I live in a world of superlatives and exclamation points! When someone asks how I am my standard answer is something along the lines of, “Fantastic!” I tell people about the things I love (movies, books, food, etc), and when I do I talk with my whole body.

I worship with passion, too. How odd would it be if I talked about Cara Cara Oranges (sweet, juicy, amazing) with lots of passion but worshipped the Almighty Living God without expression? I’m guessing that anyone watching me might believe that I care more about those tasty oranges than I do about the Lord I claim to serve.

So, clearly, the only right way to worship is with broad expressions and lots of body movement. Right? Wrong. That’s the only way for me to worship. I know people who love God with their whole hearts who move very little when they worship. Then again, they don’t move a lot when they talk about the other things in their life about which they are passionate.

My passion is visible to all. Others’ passion is much more subtle. That doesn’t mean that those with less visible passion don’t care as deeply. It also doesn’t mean that my very visible passion is shallow. It means that we express our passion differently.

The real key is to simply be yourself. No matter how you express your passion, I hope that you are truly worshipping God with passion.


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