The Audition

I went to a festival recently. In the tent with the commercial vendors I was approached by someone from a booth. They were offering scans and consultations. (There were lots of medical people in that particular tent.) I decided to participate. It’s important to note that this festival was about 90 minutes from where I live. Still, it’s an area where I find myself frequently on both business and pleasure.

There was a bit of a wait, so I had a chance to observe what everyone was doing. There were two men doing the consultations. One was talking at length with each person before explaining the special they were offering. He was not the person who dealt with me. The other man spent less time with each person. The man who did my consultation didn’t actually consult with me. He didn’t explain my test results. He told me about the special they were offering and told me that if I took advantage he’d talk with me further. This was not the way he dealt with the others who were there. He wasn’t as detailed as the other man, but he at least talked some with the other people.

What happened? He took one look at the distance to where I live and decided I wasn’t a potential client. Since I wasn’t a potential client I wasn’t worth his time. Big mistake. I could easily have become a client. The services they offered aren’t available near to where I live. I didn’t take advantage of the offer. If they call me to follow up (typical for this type of event), I’ll explain why.

You should never pre-judge potential clients. Never. There have been people who I assumed would be really successful hosts whose parties barely made the minimum. There have been hosts who blew me away because I didn’t figure their parties would do much. There have been great customers who, on first glance, I would have told you would probably not even place an order.

Every interaction in which you mention your business is an audition. Make sure that you pass that audition with flying colors.


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