Don’t Waste It

As of this evening I’ll have been home from my company’s national conference for one full week. This is the moment when I have to decide if I’m going to waste the time and money spent at that national conference or put the things I learned into practice.

I took notes in the workshops I attended. I’ve transcribed those notes so that they will make sense as I come across them and review them again in the future. That includes looking at any goals I set for myself in those workshops.

I made notes about the things I wanted to put into practice—things I believed would make a difference to my business. Now is the time to actually put those into practice.

Now is also the time to reach out to those people I met at the conference. When I come home with a handful of business cards I do my best to contact each of those people. Not all of them respond, but among those who do I’ve built some great connections.

So, when you get home from your next conference (or, if you’re just back from your last conference), take the time to really put that information to use. After all, you spent a lot of time and probably a lot of money to attend. Don’t waste it.


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