Just the Temp

I sometimes do secretarial temp work. It keeps my skills sharp, keeps me in contact with other people, and keeps my foot in the business world in a small way. When I am asked questions that, as a temp, I don’t know the answer to, I sometimes say, “I’m just the temp.”

I want to assure you that’s not really how I think of myself. I perform some very important services. I free up people to do other, more pressing work by doing some of the more routine chores. I’m a fresh pair of eyes or an extra hand when things get crazy. I’m skilled at what I do, so I’m an asset.

Those aren’t the most important things I do, though. The most valuable thing I offer is a good attitude. I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve been told by co-workers that they love it when I show up. They tell me that my smile and attitude make the workplace more enjoyable.

I honestly never thought of a good attitude as that much of an asset until I started temping. Most of the supervisors where I’ve been assigned will ask for me when the call my temp service. A few of them call me first to see what days I’m available, then call the temp service to schedule me. While I’m good at what I do, and the temp service is very good at placing me on assignments that match my skill set well, I’m really not all that impressive. The only real difference is attitude.

When the occasional person asks why I’m so different, I’m clear with my answer. The joy of Christ overflows within me. How could I not have a good attitude? Without being blatant about it, I believe that my attitude is a good way to share Christ with those around me. After all, with a pleasant outlook and a big smile, nobody is just the temp.


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