Customize Yourself

The beautiful people, those with money and position, rarely buy off the rack. Things are made, created, designed just for them. Now, I don’t have the money, position, or time to command such attention. So, I’ve learned to customize myself.

For clothing I’ve made good friends with a local alterations shop. It’s amazing what a difference half an inch can make in the hem of a garment. I have most long sleeves shortened. I often have tops taken in a bit in the sides. You see, I have a definite hourglass figure. If it fits my shoulders and hips it falls nowhere near my waist, which makes it look like I’m wearing a box. The difference before and after can be astonishing.

I customize my cosmetics, too. Often the eye shadow and blush I buy come with sponges or brushes I don’t care for. I invested in a good set of cosmetic brushes. I also changed out the powder brush in my pressed powder for a small puff. These are the tools that work for me.

My shoes are even customized to a certain extent. I wear an orthotic insert, which means I don’t need to worry much about the insole support in the shoes I buy. I also usually switch out shoestrings in sneakers. That can make them really my own.

Part of the reason the beautiful people are the beautiful people is that what they wear fits and suits them to a T. Now that you know the secret, you can become one of them.


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