Do I Have To?

I have another confession to make. Sometimes I don’t want to go out and do my parties. Sometimes I’d really rather just stay home and putter around the house. Why do I keep going out to do the parties? I love it once I get there.

I’ve discovered that it’s the thought of going that I dread more than the party itself. Once I’m underway my attitude starts to change. Once I’m at my host’s home I get into the swing of things and enjoy the evening (or afternoon).

It would be very easy for me to give in and give up my direct sales business if I simply focused on my feelings getting ready for a party. And, there may come a day when those feelings outweigh the good feelings of being at the party. If that happens, I just might quit. Until then, I focus on the good stuff.

That’s the key to everything. If I stopped doing anything about which I have a do-I-have-to moment, I’d never do anything again. I’d never cook, clean, make calls, or leave my house again. It’s not that I hate to do these things. It’s just that sometimes I’m not in the mood to do them. I feel better once they’re done, though.

So, do I have to? Yes, I do.


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