Getting My Fix

I spent a lot of my youth on the stage. I was involved in a rather extensive civic theater program from the time I was about 12. Acting, singing, dancing, I enjoyed it all. Still do.

I haven’t actually stepped on a stage to perform for over 10 years. I still have the acting bug. I just get my fix in other ways.

I teach. Reading stories to little ones allows me to practice becoming someone else for a little while. I discovered the joys of becoming the characters when our son was little. I was every one of the characters in the Narnia series. Finding voices for each of them helped me slip right back into that process of finding the character.

I do direct sales parties. Being in front of those guests, making them laugh, fulfils that longing for an audience.

Is there a part of you that you’ve had to leave behind for a while? Try finding a new outlet. I know people who miss having little ones around, so they volunteer in a daycare or preschool. I know people who no longer are able to tour with a band who serve on their church worship teams.

Get your fix in a way that fits your life now. You just might find your bliss.


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