What Makes Us Different

The Furry Guy and I are told all the time that we’re not normal. We’re not the average couple. We don’t act or talk like typical middle-aged, Midwestern, American people.

Now, I’m the first to admit that The Furry Guy’s brain doesn’t work like most people’s. I’ll also admit that we don’t do things quite the same way as other people. I think I figured out the other day what really separates us from a lot of people. We follow through.

When most people say, “I need to exercise,” they vaguely consider that some day they might start exercising. When most people come across a great idea in March for a Christmas gift for Aunt Mary, they decide that they might want to pick that up one day. Generally, they still wind up scratching their heads in December about what to get Aunt Mary. The way The Furry Guy and I handle those situations is to tell a few accountability partners, then start an exercise program. We go ahead and buy that gift in March, putting it back so that it will be ready for Aunt Mary at Christmas.

Yeah, I meant to do that isn’t a good standard operating procedure. The fact that we’re doers is part of what makes us different.


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