Style and Comfort

Yesterday I was wandering around stores. It was marketing day. I knew I’d see people in various levels of style and comfort.

There would be the woman in the heels that are obviously killing her feet. You can tell by the way she walks and stands. There would be the woman who chose style over comfort. You know the woman I mean. She’ll be tugging at her skirt or pants, her top, her foundational garments, whatever.

On the other end of the spectrum I’d see the woman in her pajamas and a clip in her barely-combed hair. She clearly chose comfort over style. She might even be wearing slippers, though Crocs or flip-flops are more likely.

Yes, men make some of these same mistakes, but I see more women making that choice.

Me? I choose both. No, I wasn’t dressed to the nines. After all, I wasn’t going to an event or a corporate job. Still, my hair was done. I was wearing well-fitted street clothes. Things can be both stylish and comfortable. You just need to buy things that fit properly.

Being out in public, other than running to the drugstore to pick up a prescription or OTC medication for yourself or your sick child, should motivate you to actually dress yourself and comb your hair. You can choose style and comfort.


One Response to Style and Comfort

  1. Lauren Cwiek says:

    Thanks for sharing this pretty post.

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