Someone Else’s Consultant

I’ve made a habit of continuing relationships with those who have moved on to start their own businesses. I’m talking about those people who, for whatever reason, decide to sign up under someone else. Maybe they got all excited at another consultant’s party. Maybe they figured the other person was closer, so they’d be easier to train under. Whatever the reason, I know it hurts when that happens.

On the rare occasion that it happens to me, I congratulate the consultant and let them know that they’re welcome to use me as a resource. Why? I know that the average life of any direct sales business is about three years. I know that the more contact they have with me the more likely they are to speak well of me. I know that when they leave their direct sales business for whatever reason, I want them to remember me.

Just recently I had a call out of the blue from someone who was referred to me by a former consultant. She scheduled a wedding shower. Why did she refer this friend to me instead of someone from her own team? She likes the way I do business.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t maintain contact because of what that person might do for me. I certainly don’t do it so I can take business away from someone else. I do it because I care about that person. This business is all about relationships. That’s as important between consultants as it is with customers.


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