The Baptism

The Furry Guy and I were baptized yesterday. It’s something we’ve talked about for a couple of years. We were both baptized as children. We both went through confirmation in our teens, meaning we did make a public declaration of our faith. And, that’s what baptism is—a public declaration, an outward symbol.

In the past few years The Furry Guy and I have found ourselves pulled into a deeper relationship with Christ. We have made the choice to attempt to reach out in new and more meaningful ways. We have made the choice to seek a higher level of service, to open ourselves to whatever God would have us do.

Baptisms at our church aren’t actually held at our church. This one took place at the home of one of the church members. They have a beautiful pond. It is an intimate family setting, which is fitting for our church. The Furry Guy and I often say that gathering together with everyone on Sunday mornings before the service feels like walking into a really great family reunion.

I must admit that the whole thing was much more overwhelming than I anticipated. There were seven of us who got baptized, a much smaller group than we’ve had at other times—three children, two young women, and us. The crowd that was gathered was a wonderful mixture of church family and the families of those being baptized.

The Furry Guy and I didn’t invite anyone. For us, the moment was intensely personal and not necessarily something that many of our family would understand. We were the last to be baptized. Standing there in the water, surrounded by four of the five pastors of our church, with the fifth pastor among the crowd on the bank, we knew we were surrounded by all of the love and support we needed at that moment.

I won’t share the things our senior pastor said to us. What I will share is what I saw after we came back up out of the water. I watched my amazing husband hug men who had become incredibly important to him, to us. The same man who asked me several years ago why every guy he forms a friendship with moves away just as they really start to bond now has a network of men he cares deeply for, men who have embraced him as a brother, men who love and appreciate him.

It wasn’t until later that I realized I never hugged those men. I’m a hugger, so I’m not really sure why I didn’t except that I was truly overwhelmed with the power and emotion of the moment.

I don’t know what God has planned for us for the future. I’m not even particularly sure what God has planned for us next week. What I do know is that He does have a plan, a plan for good, and that The Furry Guy and I will do our best to carry out our assignments with love for those around us.


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