Unnecessary God

Stephen Hawking, the much-touted “smartest man in the world” has a new book out. In it he explains that God is not necessary in order to explain the creation of the universe. You see, in his mind it’s possible for everything to have come from nothing.

I absolutely disagree with Mr. Hawking. And, I don’t need a big string of letters after my name in order to support my theory. I just need to look around. Things don’t get more complex. They get less complex. Things break down and fall apart. Even if, as Mr. Hawking theorizes, gravity alone was enough to bring the stuff together to make the earth, our solar system, our galaxy, where did the gravity and the stuff come from?

The Bible says that a fool says in his heart that there is no God. While Mr. Hawking is clearly a very smart man, capable of understanding things that are beyond me, he just as clearly doesn’t know everything.

God unnecessary? How sad. I happen to know that He’s the most important thing in the universe.


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