I’m Weird that Way

Yes, I’m weird. I proudly wear that label. How am I weird? For one thing, I’ve already got a good start on my Christmas shopping. I do a countdown to Christmas, so starting this month I always know how many days there are until Christmas. I’ll finish my shopping on Black Friday.

For another, I start every day at 4:10 a.m. This wouldn’t seem quite so weird unless you factor in that I am self-employed and mostly work from home or in the evenings. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that every day I’m up and working at 4:10, though that’s the norm. What it does mean is that my alarm goes off at 4:10 if I’m not already awake to turn it off. Why do I do that? Well, that’s another way in which I’m weird.

I’m a morning person, and I hate to be rushed while going through my morning routine. The routine is the weird part. Upon rising I drink a glass of water, take my daily aspirin, and start exercising. I do 30 minutes of cardio (20 on Saturday with a break on Sunday) and then either strength training (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) or easy, beginning yoga stretches (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday). At this point I take my first handful of supplements and medications (I’m diabetic). Devotional time follows—prayer, Bible study, time spent in quiet listening for God’s leadings. If I haven’t planned out my day the night before, I take time to do that immediately following my devotions. That’s when I fix breakfast for myself (whatever sounds good that day) and for The Furry Guy (oatmeal with raisins and cranberries) and take my breakfast meds. I generally check and answer emails after breakfast. It’s at this point that the day begins to vary depending on my schedule. I may be headed out to a meeting or a temp assignment (those are sporadic). I might be headed back to the computer to work on transcriptions or paperwork for my direct sales business. I might be headed to the kitchen to play or experiment. Generally speaking, my morning routine takes about three hours.

Want another one? I’m a real grammar geek. Right now there’s a sign in a nearby town that reads, “WE GOT IT THEY DON’T.” It takes everything in my when I drive by, which is frequently, not to stop in and tell them that either they mean “We’ve got it. They don’t,” or “We got it. They didn’t.” Either would work. What they have now is just wrong.

Those are only a few of the ways I’m weird. There are so many others—like the fact that I’m sitting here with eucalyptus oil on the bottom of my right foot and cinnamon oil on the bottom of my left. Yeah, I know that’s strange. I’m weird that way.


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