What comes to mind when you hear that word? Do you picture something beautiful that is lovingly made or something that’s cheap and tacky? Something precious or something embarrassing?

I know people who do beautiful hand work—crocheting, knitting, sewing. I know others who have been known to throw some stuff together because “it’s the thought that counts.” By the same token, I know people who are thrilled to get something that someone has taken the time to make themselves. I know others who are offended by homemade gifts.

Christmas is 96 days from today. I was looking through a holiday crafts magazine last weekend, and that’s what got me thinking about the differing views of homemade. Some of what we give for Christmas will be homemade. Those things will be given to people who seem to appreciate those kinds of gifts.

Personally, I love receiving homemade gifts. After all, even in this economy time is more precious than money.


2 Responses to Homemade

  1. Terri says:

    I have to agree! But I made the tree that’s on the cover of Holiday Crafts magazine so I think we should all be making homemade gifts. I’m likely in the minority here. But my grandmother used to make very unique gifts at each holiday and every time I pull one out… it prompts a story, a smile, a memory.

  2. mommabates says:

    Terri, I’m sure your homemade gifts are beautiful. I love receiving homemade gifts and often make them myself. And, yes, treasured homemade gifts evoke a smile and a memory.

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