Christmas is Coming

Ninety-two days from today it will be Christmas. Christmas Eve is exactly three months from today. Christmas may arrive in snow-covered splendor or on balmy breezes. However it arrives, it will catch some people by surprise. This always fascinates me. Christmas is December 25 every year. It doesn’t move around like Thanksgiving or Easter.

People think I’m crazy for focusing on Christmas so early. That’s okay. I know what kind of Christmas I want. I want to have time to enjoy the season. I want to spend a little extra time each morning with the Lord, thanking Him for His goodness, praising Him, and basking in His love. I want to spend an evening driving around looking at the lights people have put up around their homes. I want to spend a whole day making sweet treats. I want to spend several days immersed in my favorite Christmas books. In order to make that happen, I have to have my Christmas shopping done early.

I will finish my shopping on Black Friday—the day after Thanksgiving. A fair chunk of it is already done. As a matter of fact, Black Friday I’ll purchase a lot of things for our household. Did you know that’s a great time to stock up on stuff?

Don’t let the time get away from you. Plan now for the kind of Christmas you want and start the steps to make it happen. After all, Christmas is coming, and it’s really only 92 days away.


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  1. weighty says:

    gonna send this to my mom

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