You’re Not Doing It Right

I think a lot of men would help more with housework and with the kids if their wives would let them do things their own way. So what if the kids’ clothes don’t match? So what if they have something odd for breakfast?

I recently heard a statistic that said that in virtually every culture fathers let toddlers range three times farther than mothers do. It’s innate. Moms are made to nurture, to mother-hen, to hold children close. Dads are made to encourage children to spread their wings, to seek adventure. Neither is wrong. Both are necessary.

By the way, I also believe that more women would help with car maintenance, home repairs, and such if their husbands wouldn’t criticize their efforts. Criticism isn’t an effective motivator. If you don’t want to hear, “Fine, then do it yourself,” think twice before you say, “You’re not doing it right.”


One Response to You’re Not Doing It Right

  1. Noora K says:

    I recently read somewhere (Working Mother magazine, I think) that children who spend more time being watched by their fathers grow up to be more confident.

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