Maybe You Shouldn’t Vote

In just a handful of weeks we’ll have the privilege of voting. Political ads have been everywhere, and they’ll continue to proliferate. I won’t agree with some of them. I’ll check out the claims of any candidates I’ll be eligible to vote for. I’ll be sick of the whole thing by the time I head to the polls.

The other kind of ad I’ve started to see is the get out and vote ad. These ads encourage everyone to vote. However, I don’t think everyone should vote. If you don’t know the issues and the candidates you really shouldn’t vote. A person who is colorblind shouldn’t judge an art contest. Someone with no sense of taste shouldn’t judge a cooking contest. Someone who doesn’t know anything more than the names of the candidates and their slogans shouldn’t cast a vote.

Actually, I’m not really discouraging people from voting. I’m encouraging people to get informed. Adolph Hitler was voted into office. He had pithy slogans. He had actually made his plan very clear if you checked him out, but people didn’t bother to do any digging. Granted, it was harder back then, but people didn’t think. They didn’t do the work. To the best of my knowledge there’s not another Adolph Hitler running this time around. But, the principles are the same. You need to know the candidates.

Know what the candidates are saying. Know whether they’re consistently saying the same thing or jumping sides of the issues depending on the group to whom they’re speaking. Know whether their vision for your community, your state, your country matches yours. If you’re showing up at the polls simply because you like a candidate’s face or slogan, then really, maybe you shouldn’t vote.


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