I know people who fast routinely. Fasting is about giving up something and using that sacrifice as a way to focus outward.

Some fast from food. When they’re hungry they pray. Some of them use the funds they would have spent on food to support a cause for which they’re praying. A fast doesn’t necessarily mean absolutely no food. My son fasted for a year. For six months he ate a completely vegan diet with no preservatives and no refined sugar. For the next six months he ate a vegetarian diet. As a diabetic, it’s difficult for me to do a complete fast without winding up in the hospital. However, modified fasts work well.

Some fast from activities. They use the time they would have usually spent golfing, playing music, or doing something else in prayer.

Some fast from indulgences. They give up television, online games, or something else that they find enjoyable and spend that time in prayer.

Fasting is good. The Bible says “when you fast” not “if you fast.” If you’ve never fasted I encourage you to give it serious consideration. It can be a wonderful spiritual exercise.


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