Hidden Blessings

Many people probably wouldn’t consider car trouble a blessing. Then again, we aren’t most people.

Last Wednesday I traveled to Indianapolis, tooled all around the city, and drove back home without any trouble at all. I was driving all day. The van worked perfectly.

Thursday morning I left the house mid-morning to help The Furry Guy. The van seemed a little sluggish and hiccupped a bit when I accelerated from a dead stop. I figured it was just that it was one of the first chilly, damp mornings we’d had since last spring. That afternoon I headed into the nearest town to run some errands. The van was hiccupping with more frequency. Almost to town, I turned around and headed back to the tiny burg where our mechanic’s shop is located. I figured it would be a good idea to have the guys assure me that the van would be good to drive on the little getaway The Furry Guy and I had planned for the weekend. The van died five times on their test drive.

I’m guessing that many people would have been upset by the timing. After all, The Furry Guy and I had been looking forward to this little trip for quite a while. It involved leaving on Friday morning and driving for quite a while to a state park in which we’d planned to hike. The Furry Guy and I, on the other hand, spent the evening praising God for His grace. After all, that trouble could have happened while I was hours from home. It could have happened while we were on our way to the state park. What a blessing to have it happen when I was so close to trusted mechanics.

By the way, we did go on our trip. We rented a car with great gas mileage, which probably paid for itself. We had a wonderful time. They’ve now fixed my van, and it’s running well. Praise God for His blessings.


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