When He Doesn’t Measure Up

As a Christian wife, I’m called to submit to my husband. I’m instructed to respect him. But, what happens when he doesn’t measure up? What happens when he makes poor decisions and choices? What about when he isn’t doing all he’s supposed to do? What then?

It doesn’t change a thing. Now, I’m not talking about putting up with abuse or infidelity. Those are deal breakers. However, outside of those extreme circumstances, the command is the same whether he’s doing the right thing or not.

We women too often play the I-will-if-he-will game. If my husband would just be the spiritual leader of our home I’d be willing to submit. If he would just stop acting so immature I’d respect him. Sorry, girls, that’s not the way it works. We are to respect our husbands and practice Biblical submission. Period. No wiggle room there. It doesn’t depend on him. It’s about the choices you make.

Now, let me be clear. Biblical submission isn’t about being a doormat. It’s not about muzzling your opinions. It’s about not insisting on your own way. It’s about voicing your opinion in a respectful, loving way, and participating in the decision process in a way that doesn’t overpower your husband. And, yes, that’s even when he doesn’t measure up to your expectations.


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