Simple but Not Easy

Direct sales is a simple business. You meet people, talk about your products, demonstrate a little, and take orders. It’s simple. The more parties you do, the more parties you’ll get scheduled. The more parties you get scheduled, the more business you’ll do. Simple. But, it’s not easy.

Direct sales takes work. The fun at the party is only part of the job. There are calls to make, paperwork to do, and lessons to be learned. People start a direct sales business for the fun. And, it really is fun. But, if they’re not willing to do the work they aren’t likely to succeed.

Is it hard work? No. Still, it does require that most of us step outside our comfort zone. It also requires some planning. On my computer monitor is a statement: You will never find the time to do what you need to do. You must make the time. I’d attribute that statement if I knew where I heard or read it. The thing is, it’s true. Planning is part of the work of direct sales.

So, if you’ve ever considered a direct sales business of your own (or you’re struggling to make your business work), ask yourself if you’re willing to do the work. After all, it is simple, even if it’s not easy.


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