Savoring the Triumph

I went hiking recently with The Furry Guy. The Furry Guy was born for the woods. He loves hiking and prefers the most rugged trail. I was born for, well, shopping.

Actually, I enjoy hiking. I just prefer the nice, easy trails. So, when we go hiking we generally do a mix of trails. You know what? I enjoy triumphing over the rough trails. I don’t really like hiking them, but I absolutely enjoy the sense of accomplishment when I have finished a really rough trail.

It’s like that with anything that pushes me outside my comfort zone. I might not like the thought of doing it. I might not like the process while I’m in it. But, I love that sense of accomplishment. If I never did anything I dreaded doing, I’d never have that opportunity.

When was the last time you stepped outside your preferences? When was the last time you did something hard that you didn’t really want to do? If it’s been a while, you’ve been missing out.

When it comes to trails I can count on The Furry Guy to drag me kicking and screaming (or, rather, foot-dragging and whining) off my comfortable trails. When it comes to other areas of my life I need to buck up and force myself. If I didn’t do that, though, I wouldn’t be able to savor that triumph.


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