Name Dropping

I received a great compliment this morning. In order for it to make any sense, I have to take you back to when I started my direct sales business.

The woman who was my recruiter considered her business a ministry. She approached it as such. So, when I started my business I was able to see it in that same light. This determines how I treat my hosts and my guests.

You should also know that I am involved in a ministry that sponsors an annual event for youth in a nearby town. I do a few things including leading the group of adults who pray with the young people who come forward at the event. We call this group the outreach team.

Fast forward to this morning. We have one woman involved with the ministry, a pastor, who goes around to area churches asking for prayer support and inviting them to be a part of the event. She often encounters skepticism from the people she meets. Church secretaries and pastors are approached by a number of people, so they’re understandably cautious. At each church she explains what the ministry is and what we do. She mentions the people who are in charge of various aspects, including me. She called to tell me what was happening to her today. She as been going to the churches in the town nearest me. She said that in every church she’s gone into so far when she mentioned my name the person she was talking to said almost exactly the same thing, “Oh, I know her. She’s the ________ lady.” She said that she immediately saw that wall come down. She was now a friend of a friend. The people she talked to were now more receptive to at least hearing her out.

Don’t get me wrong. I know there are people who don’t like me. I’m sure that there are places in which the mention of my name would instantly close the door. However, I’m thrilled that God is using me to open doors for my friend and the ministry in which we’re involved.

What happens when someone drops your name? Are you the consultant who never calls back? Are you the one who misrepresented the products? Are you the one who used high-pressure techniques? Word gets around. You want to make sure that your name has a positive connotation.


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