Closing in Person

I know that a lot of people in direct sales close their parties over the phone or by mail. There’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve done it a few times in my career. However, I want to make a case for closing in person.

You see, it happened again yesterday. I closed a party with a recent host. As I was gathering my things she told me that I was the best consultant she’d ever had. I was flattered, of course. She went on to tell me that I was the first person to meet her to close. She said that made it so much easier for her. Because I met with her, I was able to be the one to add everything up, saving her that trouble. I thanked her and told her that it was always my goal to make things as easy as possible for my hosts because the easier it is the more likely they are to call me and do it all again.

Here are the reasons I have for closing in person:

1. It’s more personal. As I’ve said over and over, ours is a business of relationships. By meeting my hosts to close I help them to once again connect me and my smiling face with my direct sales company. I want them always to picture me when they hear the name of the company.

2. It’s easier for me. I know it seems like it would be easier to do things by phone. The thing is, I often have hosts who aren’t sure exactly how they want to use their host benefits. I’ve actually sat with someone and figured their benefits up four different ways in order to find the best deal for her. It’s easier to help a host when we’re face to face.

3. I get more return bookings. Face to face it’s a simple thing to explain the benefits of scheduling another party within the next six months. This is where body language and facial expression are crucial. I am able to make it clear that I am simply offering them an advantage and not trying to push them into something.

4. It’s easier for the host. As my recent host pointed out, the host doesn’t have to do all of the math. This is my business. It’s easy for me to figure everything up. It isn’t so easy for some of my hosts, because it’s not something they do on a regular basis. Plus, the way things are figured changes slightly from company to company, which can be confusing for some.

I’m not saying that you should do things the way I do. Everyone’s different. Just thought I’d share the reasons I choose to close in person whenever possible.


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